ALBUM REVIEW - “The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways” by Crown the Empire

ALBUM REVIEW – “The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways” by Crown the Empire

The Resistance

Though it was Green Day who really revived the idea of the concept album with American Idiot, the undisputed champions of narrative-driven collections of music in the 21st century have been My Chemical Romance. Seemingly here to take that band’s place after its dissolution, Crown the Empirehave crafted an entire science-fiction universe to set their songs in. Though it was established on debut…

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ALBUM REVIEW - “Life Reaper” by I, The Breather

Life Reaper

I, The Breather showed a lot of potential with their first couple records, both albums were solidly produced and written, but unfortunately couldn’t really provide anything to make ITB stand out. If anything they merely showed a group that was just a little too enamored with their genre peers for their own good. There were flashes of what the band was capable of here and there, but it was…

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