ALBUM REVIEW - “Broken Compass” by Sleepwave

ALBUM REVIEW – “Broken Compass” by Sleepwave

Broken Compass

The demise of Underoath as a creative entity was rendered all the more bitter to their fans by the quality of their final output. Ø (Disambiguation) represented a perfect culmination of the steady climb they’d scaled for more than a decade, from Christian metal also-rans to idolised trailblazers. A big part of that climb had been made on the shoulders of vocalist Spencer Chamberlain, who a year…

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ALBUM REVIEW - “Blood Work” by Texas In July

Texas In July

Metalcore is a tricky tricky genre to be a part of these days. More bands are tuning lower and lower, relying more on studio “tricks”, and replacing real instruments with samples or emulators. The amount of thought required to keep up with the genre keeps getting lower and lower, being mainstream and “brutal” are now somehow synonymous. It’s a shame because the bands that once made the genre so…

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